11 Main

Website Redesign

This redesign of 11Main shopping website is based on my case study which focused on improving the conversion rate of the site through each step of the purchase funnel. In recent years, online shopping has become so prevalent and the flow of e-commerce site are pretty much fixed.  Today’s e-commerce market’s competition is more about how to attract consumers and convince them to make purchase on their websites. The purpose of this study is to identify some possible improvements based on the existing statistics on e-commerce UX best practice, thus helps 11Main to increase conversions and sales on their websites.


In e-commerce site, we usually use term “conversion funnel” to describe the buying process. It is a series of steps that user must take to finish their purchase. In this study, I will be looking at major funnels including main page/category page, product listing page, product detail page and checkout process to see how we can increase conversion rate.


  • Main page and Category page are too chaotic to provide relevant and useful information to users for them to stay.

  • Product listing page doesn’t provide interaction useful enough and the ability to directly convert without visiting the product page.

  • Product detail page is not informative and friendly for users to make decisions and proceed to other possible purchase.

  • Use more types of organized layout to showcase topics, stores and items with clarity.

  • Use to slidable image gallery to display showcased items. 

  • Use large and high quality images to show the most representative items in the topics, collections and stores.

  • Make items in the middle of the page.​

  • Show alternative image when users hover and provide size and color option and the ability to fast add to bag in the item’s quick view.

  • Provide description in bullet point, more detailed return information and the ability to leave a review and view reviews.

  • Use the space below product image to showcase store’s other items. Use “Similar items” to provide more opportunities for users to discover items.

Solutions & Wireframes

Redesign Prototype


Axure, Balsamiq, Illustrator