IoT Applications

During the time I worked for Cisco, I participated in designing various IoT applications. The process involves a pretty good amount of UX methodology, including storyboarding, wireframing, data visualization, user testing and so on. Below I listed some of the prototypes for two projects.


Tools: Sketch

Overview: I redesigned an existing product called Field Network Director (FND).  My work included crafting high-fidelity UI mock-ups, generating visual specs, and helping with coding in CSS.  

Detailed mockup can be shown upon request.

Hi-fidelity Mockup


Tools: Sketch, inVision, Balsamiq

Overview: I worked on a project to conceptualize the topology editor user experience for the Time Sensitive Network (TSN) design tool. My team member and I compared existing technology, and brainstormed the task flow for multiple use cases: Add/Edit/Delete Project, Devices, Links and Stream, Compute Schedule, etc. We used various visual elements to represent physical network versus schedules and traffic paths, which create an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Teammate: Fadila Kouchkar 

Design Process:

  • Requirement Clarification

  • Data Visualization

  • Task Flow

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

  • User Feedback 

  • Design Improvements

Mind Map


Detailed mockup can be shown upon request.

Interactive Prototype