NBCUniversal MoveCommand Web App

Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint


DATE: March. 2015

TYPE: Interaction Design

ROLE: UX Designer

SKILLS:Contexual Inquiry, Persona, Scenario, Prototype, Usability Test


BACKGROUND: NBCUniversal is one of our client when I worked at Nexient. The MoveCommand App is an internal enterprise management application which helps employees at NBCUniversal move smoothly and efficiently. The Manager should be able to quickly create move and manage move tickets, while technicians can quickly get the command from managers and perform their move tasks.


/Contextual Inquiry & Persona/

My colleague and I came up with 20 questions and interviewed one manager, one IT technician and one facility staff from NBCUniversal. We developed three personas and we gathered more than 6 user stories that the app should address.

/Process Flow Map/

Based on user stories and personas we collected, we developed a process flow map that specify the overall work flow of how system interact with each persona.

/Low-fi Prototype/

Basic prototype and interaction was developed using Axure, to cover interactions like move creation, ticket handling, and user management. One of design consideration is to reduce context switching, so most operation are able to be performed in a single page. Lots of flexibility is also given to users such as sufficient filters and customized columns based on different roles' needs. The prototype can be found here: http://4wde5x.axshare.com.

/High-fi Prototype/

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