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Payment Services Integration for Roku Pay

Integrating payment services including Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to Roku Pay

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  • My Role: Design Lead

  • Team: Collaborated with1 Designer and 1 Researcher

  • Duration: 4 Months

  • Time: 2021

  • Tools: Figma

0. Prologue


Roku Pay is the in-house payment service for Roku TV streaming ecosystem, which helps publishers to increase conversions and maximize subscription revenue. It aims to feature a low-friction signup flow that makes it easy for customers to signup for free trial subscriptions, subscribe to channels, and purchase movie rentals, sporting events, and pay-per-views. After adding a payment method, users can make purchases right from their TV with just a few presses on their Roku remote control, while managing their subscriptions both online and on-device. The journey map below illustrates a typical Roku user's journey and how Roku Pay impact each phase.

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Previously, Roku Pay was only accepting credit and debit cards as a MOP (Method of Payment), which doesn't maximize the number of active MOPs we could get from our user base. The analytics shows that less than half of Roku users have active pay accounts. The team would like to explore opportunities to integrate popular mobile payment services such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay to Roku Pay system to increase the payment account conversation rate.

  • These wallet payment solutions are quickly reaching a level of acceptance that is driving relevance among consumers. 

    • As of September 2021, PayPal was the market leader with a market share of approximately 50.32 percent, with 200 million active users, 16 million merchant accounts, and 1.7 billion transactions.

    • Apple estimates that over 500 million iPhone users have activated Apple Pay. 

    • While Google Pay may only have 50-60 million actives, the reach of Android-powered devices provides a compelling reason to enable both services.

  • These wallet payment solutions focus on exceptional ease of use and mobile-centric user experiences and can offer substantial conversion enhancements among consumers who adopt them.

  • Wallet applications also utilize tokenization to ensure payment security; this utilization is not only secure, but also helps merchants retain revenue by reducing declines due to associated higher auth rates for tokenized transactions.

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1. Design Sneak Peak

Subscribe from TV
(Using Apple Pay as Example)

final design.png

Subscribe from Web

Detailed flows on TV

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